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Rev. Fr. M.M Abraham Memorial Award

Sponsored by

Prabha & Abu Jacob, NC

Honoring Fr. M. M Abraham (1935-2015): Rev. Fr. M.M Abraham, Chaplain of NAMS Snehasadan, Banaglore entered into eternal rest on 4th November, 2015. Rev Fr. M .M Abraham served in the Diocese of Malabar from 1960 to 1992, he established more than 16 churches and is an acclaimed priest whose contribution is considered to be very vital in laying a strong foundation to the Diocese . After retirement he was with Christu Shishya Asharam,Tadagam and St Gregorios Balagram, Yacharam before settling down at Bangalore. Fr. M.M Abraham was the MGOCSM Chaplain for Karnataka between 2002 to2005. A vivid reader he is scholar par excellence. He was instrumental in organizing the migrant population in the difficult terrains of Malabar region. He took the initiative and constructed parishes in the district of Malapurram, Palaghat and Kozhikode. He is known as the ‘Apostle of Malabar’.

Award Recipients

NoYearRef. NoStudent NameCourseAmount
(in ₹)
12018 IDK-2018579Aleena George, chettisseril, PuttadyBCOM10,000
22018 ANG-2018158Arya Geemon, Parekkudy, ThrikkalathoorBCA10,000
32018 TCR-2018144BIBIN SUNNY, Mundekkattu, VaniyamparaBA10,000
42018 MHE-2018033CHINNU SUSAN JOSE, Kurinjikkavunkal, AruvikuzhyBSN15,000
52018 IDK-2018556Geo Mathew, Mullankuzhiyil, AnakkaraBSC10,000
62018 MHE-2018338JISHA ANN VARUGHESE, Kanamoottill, OonnakavuBSN15,000
72018 MHE-2018597JUVIN ANN THOMAS, Cherivukala Puthenveedu, AngamoozhyOTHER5,000
82018 IDK-2018493Maneesha Latheef, Mullaseriyil, AnakkaraBCOM10,000
92018 MHE-2018596MERIN SOSA BIJU, Kolakothe Parayil, KottathoorBSN15,000
102018 IDK-2018564Neethu Merin k Suresh, Kaimannil, Kolabhaganm BE15,000
112018 IDK-2018549Ramya R, Ponni bhavan , AnakkaraBCOM10,000
122018 IDK-2018277Sivaprasad, Kallurath, AnakkaraBBA10,000
132018 IDK-2018287Sruthy Vasu, Anjilimoottil, MekozhoorBSC10,000
142018 MHE-2018320STEFFY CHACHU VARKEY, Oonethu, PazhavangadiBSN15,000
152017 MAL-2017319Abina A.R, Anjilivilayil , ManimoolyBSN15,000
162017 MHE-2017330Abraham Shaji, Mundamattam , KanamBA10,000
172017 MHE-2017373Akash James, Keecheril , KARIKKATOORBE15,000
192017 TCR -2017416Bibin Sunny, Mundekattu , Vaniyamparara BA10,000
202017 IDK -2017224Blessymol Mathew, Kakkuzhiyil, Kalthotty P.OBCOM10,000
222017 IDK -2017241Greeshma Lis Reji, Pezhathummoottil, AyyappancovilMSC10,000
232017 MHE-2017376Juvin Ann Thomas, Charivukala Puthen Veedu , ANGAMOOZHYMSC10,000
242017 IDK -2017128Rakhi Rajan, Kaichoondickal, Ayyappancoil POBSC10,000
262017 MHE-2017328Silpa Sivadas, PUTHENPURACKAL , NEDUMKUNNAMBCOM10,000
272017 MHE-2017525Sreejith. K.G. , Kunnel , POOTHAKUZHYBE15,000
282017 MHE-2017365Steffy Chachu Varkey, Oonethu , PAZHAVANGADIBSN15,000
292016 IDK-2016510Abin K Mathew, Kulathumkarayil, NelliapathyBE15,000
312016 MHE-2016367ANILA ABRAHAM, Pullaniyil, VellayilBSN15,000
322016 MHE-2016124ATHIRA BAIJU, Erupathil, VelloorBCOM10,000
332016 ANG-2016170Elizabeth Jose, Nedumkottil, MankuzamBA10,000
342016 ANG-2016174Galvi Murali, Paliyappadam, VengoorGNM10,000
352016 KND-2016207Geo Joy, Pulickathottiyil, PannoorBA10,000
362016 IDK-2016251Greeshma Lis Reji, Pezhathummoottil, Ayyappancovil BSC10,000
372016 MHE-2016407JISHA REJI, Ashariparambil, BudhanoorBSN15,000
392016 MAL-2016040Mereena John K, Kadamala, MoothedamBSN15,000
402016 MHE-2016422MERIN SOSA BIJU, Kolakottu Parayil, KottathurBSN15,000
412016 MHE-2016514NEENA ELSA VARUGHESE, Veallam Kuzhiyi, KarikulamBSN15,000
422016 MHE-2016408NISHA REJI, Ashariparambil, BudhanoorBSN15,000
432016 MAL-2016046Ranju C R, Charuvila Puthenveedu, UppadaBSN15,000
442016 MAL-2016057Sherin Thomas, Thuruthukandathil, TuvuurBSC10,000
452016 MHE-2016093SUNU ACHANKUNJU, Panachatharayil, ManneeraBTECH15,000
462015 ANG-2015064Aswini Ann Benny, Karakkakuzhiyil, ThaikkattukaraBE15,000
472015 IDK-2015412Christeena Mathew, Vengavelil, AyyappancovilBCOM10,000
482015 IDK-2015114Eby Cherian, Palathinkal, Chakkupallam BE15,000
492015 ANG-2015479Elizabath Jose, Nedungottil, MankulamBA10,000
502015 MHE-2015301Keziah Daniel, Chirappurathu Thadathil, ThenkkumkalBSN15,000
512015 ANG-2015491Neethu Bose, Baniyanmala, South VazhakkulamBCOM10,000
522015 MHE-2015283Nisha Reji, Asariparambil, BudhanoorBSC10,000
532015 MHE-2015259Sneha Varghese, Chalumathe, EdapavoorBSN15,000
542014 MHE-2014389Jeena Mariam Varghese, Chelikuzhiyil, ThekkumKal PODIPLOMA10,000
552014 MHE-2014384Jincy Joseph, Padijarecharivil, AnthiyalancavuBSC10,000
562014 MHE-2014330Mancil V.M, Vadakkemannil, AngamoozhyBE15,000
572014 MHE-2014390Sijo Mathew, Maruthikattil, VechoChiraBA10,000
582014 MHE-2014335Sonia Sunny, Puthuvelil, PthusserimalaBSN15,000

Rev. Fr. M.M Abraham Memorial Award

Rev. Fr. M.M Abraham Memorial Award is part of ICON Excellence Award (IEA). It is an yearly educational assistance program for smart students who are from financially disadvantaged families. It is a partial financial assistance to continue and complete their current course.

Memorialize and honor your loved ones or family establishing an award to benefit these students.

Award No: 208 started in 2014. Total money awarded(Rs):685,000 for 58 students.

 Rev. Fr. M.M Abraham Memorial Award
Rev. Fr. M.M Abraham Memorial Award

Year Students Amount (Rs)
2019 0 0
2018 14 160,000
2017 14 160,000
2016 17 205,000
2015 8 100,000
2014 5 60,000

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