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Dr. Elizabeth Rajan Memorial Award

Sponsored by

Dr. M.V Rajan, Shruti, Smriti & Roshan, Abu Dhabi

Award Recipients

NoYearRef. NoStudent NameCourseAmount
(in ₹)
12019 ASK-2019491Adarsh Prasad, Elliakel, KanamalXII5,000
22019 IDK-2019213Akhil P.K, Puthuval purayidam, chakkupallam P.oBCOM10,000
42019 ASK-2019499Anju Anna Babu, Orappamkuzhiyil, champakaraBSC10,000
62019 IDK-2019519Jaisana Simon, Kallanmarukunnel, MattuthavalamBSN15,000
92019 IDK-2019516swetha sunny, Thottiyil, Amaravathy BED10,000
102018 MAL-2018439Albin T Baiju, Thottiparambil, VelamcodeBA10,000
112018 IDK-2018562Ashique Muhammad, Puthenpeedikayil, MundakayamBE15,000
122018 ANG-2018067Basil Eldhose, Erangoth, AirapuramBBA10,000
132018 MAL-2018453Bini MS, Moopattil, JellipparaMSC10,000
142018 MHE-2018379GEORGE M. ROY, Mookencheril, KannankulagaraBE15,000
152018 IDK-2018563Gifty Mariam Abraham, Chakkalamalayil Geo Villa, ParumalaBE15,000
162018 IDK-2018402Megha Kuruvilla, Vaniyapurackal, Nettithozhu BSN15,000
172018 MHE-2018267MERIN SOSA BIJU, Kolakothe Parayil, KottathoorBSN15,000
182018 IDK-2018571Neethu Anna Koshy, Kadumbumkeezhil, KaipattoorBE15,000
192018 IDK-2018637Roshan Roy, Edathamarayil, chenthalarBE15,000
202018 IDK-2018423Sonu Yohannan, Mannankara, Kochukarumtharuvi BE15,000
212017 IDK -2017165Albymol Iype, Pandarakunnel, Kalthotty P.OXII5,000
222017 MAL-2017283Ashly Scaria, Mundaplamootil, ModapoikaBSN15,000
232017 IDK -2017121Mobin Abraham, Kochukeecheril, Puliyanmala PoBA10,000
242017 KND-2017419Rahana Raju, Madathiparambil, PannoorBCOM10,000
252017 IDK -2017151Sofiya Raju, Manimanthirathil, Chakkupallam POBCOM10,000
262016 TCR-2016532Beena Issac, Pokkathayil, Elavampadam BCOM10,000
272016 IDK-2016261Jinimol P Y, Pidiyathu, ChakkupallamBED10,000
282016 MHE-2016128PRIYANKA PRASAD, Kunnappalliyil, ChannanikkaduBCOM10,000
292016 MHE-2016109SNEHA SUSAN THOMAS, Paraparambil, PoothakuzhyBSC10,000
302016 TCR-2016529Vidhya N.V, Nelliampadam , VaniamparaBCOM10,000

Dr. Elizabeth Rajan Memorial Award

Dr. Elizabeth Rajan Memorial Award is part of ICON Excellence Award (IEA). It is an yearly educational assistance program for smart students who are from financially disadvantaged families. It is a partial financial assistance to continue and complete their current course.

Memorialize and honor your loved ones or family establishing an award to benefit these students.

Award No: 261 started in 2016. Total money awarded(Rs):350,000 for 30 students.

 Dr. Elizabeth Rajan Memorial Award

Year Students Amount (Rs)
2020 0 0
2019 9 100,000
2018 11 150,000
2017 5 50,000
2016 5 50,000

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Religious Outlook and Non-Discrimination Policy: ICON Charities, Indian Christian Orthodox Network Charities, is a non-religious non-profit organization and is not affiliated to any church organization. The driving passion of the organizers of ICON Charities is Christ's teachings of universal love and compassion. Its operating philosophy is "do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God" and its relationship with its stakeholders is "let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others" and "bear one another's burdens."

Though the organization guiding principles are rooted in Christ's teachings and its current board members belong to Indian (Malankara) Orthodox heritage, it accepts support from all and serves all without any discrimination. We are committed to mutual respect of all religions and non-proselytization. We believe that "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."